Photography lessons
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Photography lessons:


Digital Review

We will have digital review sessions throughout the workshop. You will be asked to select 5 images for each review session that you will review with your mentor on your own laptop. We get you up to date and up to speed with the whole digital workflow. Mac or PC is irrelevant. The workflow is the same for all programs or computers.

The workshops may contain some of these lessons depending on time, topic and agenda.


Photography genres


Photography genres


Landscape photography:
  • Image stabilization/tripod
  • Long exposure/Bulb
  • Remote triggering
  • Maximizing sharpness
  • Depth of field
  • Choosing the right lens



Travel and Nature photography:
  • Photography is simple!
  • Image stabilization/tripod
  • Long exposure/Bulb
  • Remote trigger
  • Maximizing sharpness
  • Depth of field
  • Choosing the right lens
  • Outdoor flash


Action and adventure:
  • Choosing the right lens
  • Documentary
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Expose for highlights
  • Night photography




Night photography:
  • Bulb exposure
  • Long exposure
  • Using tripod
  • Image stabilization
  • Intro to astrophotography



Bird photography:
  • Using very long lenses
  • Wide angle tricks
  • Freezing exposure
  • Pan and longer exposures
  • Intro to documentary photography
  • Safety first
  • Remote triggering
  • Patience is a virtue
Fashion and beauty
  • Understanding light
  • Lighting models on location
  • Lighting models outdoors
  • Using strobes outdoors
  • Art direction
  • Communication
  • Styling, hair and make up
  • Wardrobe


Workshop lessons


Workshop lessons:


  • Stop! Explain
  • Understanding exposure
  • Basic lens and camera functions
  • Choosing the right aperture
  • Choosing the right exposure
  • White balance
  • Lens quality


Art in photography:
  • Composition out of chaos
  • Rule of thirds
  • KISS
  • Fibonacci
  • Interpreting a scene into an artwork.
  • Simple color, longer lasting impact
  • Choosing your palette
  • Vivid color for imagination
  • The design of Pandemonium
  • Serenity of the plain
  • Dramatic and dynamic
  • Expose your vision
  • Mystery, Ambiguity and Contradiction
  • – MAC theory


Creative techniques:
  • Develop a personal style
  • Using creative filters
  • HDR
  • Bracketing
  • Panorama stitching
  • Time lapse
  • Intro to SLR video
  • Time lapse of northern lights
  • Using flash outdoors
  • Camera extension


Post production:
  • Digital workflow
  • Color calibration
  • From screen to print
  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom
  • Advanced Lightroom
  • Lightroom/Aperture adjustments
  • Develop dramatic sky
  • Tethered shooting in Lightroom
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Specific Photoshop techniques.
  • Tethered shooting with Capture One


The fine art Print
  • Color calibration
  • Choosing the right medium
  • From screen to print
  • Choosing the right form of presentation
  • Papers and printers
  • Printing on canvas
  • Presentation
  • Develop a personal style


Studio lighting
  • Studio lighting 1 - Portrait
  • Studio lighting 2 - Fashion
  • Studio lighting 3 - Beauty
  • Studio lighting 4 - Stills
  • Advanced lighting techniques
  • 6 qualities of light
  • 1-Direction 2-Diffuse 3-Specular
  • 4-Color 5-Contrast 6- Brightness


Photography level


Photography level


These workshops benefit photo enthusiasts of all levels and professionals alike. There are some informal lectures on a specific aspects of photography but most of the assistance is through personal guidance. Our main goal is make sure you will get the absolutely best possible pictures.



If you want to learn how to use the camera then look for this level. We will cover the basic camera functions. Exposure, aperture, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO settings etc. We also cover basic digital post production. Getting files from your camera to the computer and basic development of RAW files.



For photo enthusiast who want to go beyond camera functions. We teach advanced techniques like HDR, panorama stitching and photoshop improvements. Focus on the subject rather than the equipment. Using filters for special effects. Using long and short exposures for a specific purpose.



How to choose color palette. Rule of thirds, Fibonacci, KISS and MAC theories. Printing and calibration techniques. Studio lighting on location. Advanced Photoshop and Lightroom.



This program is meant to further develop the aesthetic of your photography or to convey a specific message. How to choose color palette. Develop your inner vision. Create artworks that communicate that vision to the viewer.


All levels:

It means this is an intense tour on a specific subject and little time for a formal program. We work on an individual basis to fill in the gaps where needed. You can ask as you like as we go.


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