Around Iceland Photography Vacation / 10 days
The waterfall of the pagan gods
The Glacier lagoon
From Lake Myvatn
From Lake Myvatn
From Lake Myvatn
From Snæfellsjokull glacier national park
Columnar rock on the south shore
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Around Iceland Photography Vacation - 10 days



RAW Iceland photography adventures


Highlights of the experience:

  • Amazing national parks
  • Glacier lagoon
  • The Golden circle
  • Beautiful Lake Myvatn.
  • Exceptional seascapes
  • 3 star hotel comfort
  • Experienced photographer as a guide
  • Boat tour on the Glacier lagoon



Tour dates 2016:

  • June 6 - 15
  • July 1 - 10
  • August 3 - 12


Tour description:

Raw Iceland photography vacation is comfortable and easy tour all around this magnificent island. You'll spend ten days with a local photographer and a small group of like minded photo enthusiasts.

You’ll photograph Geysers, waterfalls, volcanos, trolls turned to stone, deep fjords of the east, the Glacier lagoon and several national parks. You’ll shoot landscape and nature in the morning and in the late afternoon when the light is best. This is a great photo tour for first time visitors to Iceland.

There is abundant birdlife, various seabirds like puffins and harlequin ducks. Domestic animals graze in lush green valleys and with a little bit of luck we may catch reindeer in the wild. Optional is a whale watching tour or a scenic flight but we'll all go on a boat tour around the majestic floating icebergs on Jökulárlón, (icelandic for Glacier lagoon). We pass the notorious Eyjafjallajökull volcano/glacier. We photography he south shore spectacles and the most visited places in the Golden circle tour.


Price:  ISK 840.000 |  Single supplement ISK 90.000 extra

15% group discount is available when 4 or more person book at the same time. Please contact us for details.




Day 1 - Lava falls.

Tour starts at 8.00AM, pick up at your hotel in Reykjavik. The first couple of days are devoted to Snaefellsnes national park. It has a great number of natural wonders, the kind photographers love. First there is the famous lava waterfall. It's a waterfall that stretches one half mile where water purges from beneath a field of lava. From there we head to Snaefellsnes national park to shoot landscapes and seascapes all around Snæfellsjökull glacier.

2 nights in a 3star hotel.

Day 2 - Snaefellsjökull National park.

We spend the day in two tiny fishing villages. The coast has cliffs with blowholes and spectacular columnar rock formations. In the afternoon we shoot incredible rock formation on the shore 200feet high. There's a large colony of sea birds in nearby cliffs.


Day 3 - Waterfall of the pagan gods.

We head along the north coast of Snaefellsnes and drive to Lake Mývatn. It's a long drive but fortunately there is much to shoot on the way. One of the most photogenic waterfall in Iceland and perhaps top ten in the world is Goðafoss, waterfall of the pagan gods. Check in at our hotel by Lake Mývatn where we'll stay for 3 nights.

3 nights in a 3star hotel.

Day 4 - Lake Mývatn.

Everybody loves Lake Mývatn. It's not just a lake but a unique section of Iceland with an unbelievable number of fantastic photo opportunities. Lava formations and it's reflections in the lake. A colorful field of bubbling mud pots and steam vents. Pillars of lava several stories high.


Day 5 - Optional tours, shoot away or just chill.

There are so many options that we may use this day do something really fun. We can go whale watching or take a scenic flight over the area. Photograph a frozen underworld, a cave with that stays frozen throughout the summer. Shoot lava and craters still steaming hot from 1980s eruption. There is a fantastic bird museum and one can photograph Harlequin ducks and other rare species in a nearby river. In the evening you'll relax in Nature baths spa, a Blue lagoon equivalent.


Day 6 - The fjords of the east.

In the morning we shoot Europe's most powerful waterfall. The opening scene in Prometheus, Ridley Scott's most recent alien sequel, was shot here. The imagery is out of this world! In the afternoon we drive through highland deserts and over a mountain pass into Eastfjords. Eventually we reach the realm of Vatnajökull glacier. It's Europe's largest glacier and a national park.

Two nights in a guesthouse with private bathroom.

Day 7 - Glacier lagoon.

The Glacier lagoon will keep us busy from sunrise to sunset. Todays schedule is to shoot icebergs until they melt, literally. The nearby black beach (volcanic sand) has melting icebergs that glitter in the sun like crystals. For photographers it may even be more interesting than Iceland's most popular tourist attraction, the Glacier lagoon itself. Included is a boat tour where we sail among the icebergs. We've planned a sunset shot from a specific location with exceptional views of Iceland highest peak, Hvannadalshnjúkur, 6.922feet.


Day 8 - In the realm of the glacier.

We pass the Glacier lagoon and it's our last chance to get it right. We explore an advancing glacier that runs down a great "Himalayan" valley. There are a few quick stop on specific locations that yield great pictures. Some waterfalls, lush farmlands, historical turf farms and a field of lava covered with thick soft moss.

Two nights in a nice hotel.

Day 9 - Trolls and trolls caves.

The southern most part of Iceland has exceptional shores. We shoot from sunrise to sunset various angles of these magnificent cliffs and rock formations. Icelandic folklore is full of stories of trolls and hidden people. We shoot trolls turned to stone and the homes of the trolls, caves made of columnar rock. There is a good chance to photograph puffins, the cute and friendly seabird.


Day 10 - Still water, falling water and belching water.

On our last day you shoot so many great waterfalls that you never need to shoot another;-) Even more amazing is water squirting straight up into the air in the famous Geyser park. The park also has some very unique hot springs that make great images. Our last stop is Thingvellir national park. It's the best place on the planet to see the continental drift in action. It's also the establishment of the oldest continuous parliament in the world. The landscape is unique and sublime.

Drop off at hotel in Reykjavik - End of tour.


NOTE: Tour is subject to change without prior notice.There may be slight variation in same tour on different dates.





3 star hotels with private bathrooms.


Ford VAN E350. We have only max 6 passengers so there is plenty of legroom and space for equipment.

Photography level:

Photo enthusiast of all levels.

Hiking requirements:

Class 1- easy. Some walking on trails.


  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Professional photo guide
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
Included tours:
  • Boat tour on the Glacier lagoon
  • International flights
  • Accommodation in Reykjavík
  • Alcohol, snacks and beverages
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Travel insurance


  • Scenic flight over lake Myvatn
  • Whale watching tour


Terms and conditions; here



Arrival / Departure




The easiest and cheapest way to go from KEF, Keflavik international airport, to Reykjavik is to take the Flybus.

You can buy tickets at the airport or at:

It will take you directly to most major hotels or the BSI bus terminal where you could take a taxi to you hotel or even walk.

Early arrival

If you arrive some days before our tour then we’d pick you up at your hotel in Reykjavík on the day the tour starts.

Airport pick up:

We can arrange an airport pick up of a party of 3 or more.

If individuals happen to arrive at the same time we could arrange a pick up from the airport.

RAW Iceland tours:

As per itinerary....

All our tours start with a pick up from your hotel in Reykjavik unless other arrangement has been made.


Early morning:

If you have an early morning departure we recommend a stay at the Smari airport hotel.

It's by far the most convenient hotel considering that you may need to be at the airport 5-7AM. It's a walking distance from the KEF terminal.

We’d then drop you off at the hotel by Keflavik aiport at the end of the tour.


If you have an afternoon flight we’ll drop off at your hotel in Reykjavik. You’ll then have the next morning by yourself in Reykjavík or you can visit the Blue lagoon on the way to the airport with the Flybus.

Of course you can extend your stay and enjoy a leisure time in the city, walk around town and photograph the old town, the harbour, the shoreline walk or take extra day tour of your choice.


Our guides are all local professional photographers with vast experience in nature and landscape photography. Our task is to make sure we spend our effort on the best location each day no matter what the condition may be. It may mean that we choose sunset over sunrise, aurora session over morning session, shoot this location instead of that location etc. It’s all too easy to spend too many hours in poor condition only to exhaust our energy and enthusiasm. Only a local expert has the experience to meet those challenges. We may even help you make wonderful photographs when the conditions are poor. When the conditions are good it’s all easy. We maximise the quality and the quantity of the photo opportunities during this time with us. It’s still up to you to make the most of it.



RAW ICELAND - photography adventures

RAW ICELAND - Photography adventures ltd is a licensed tour operator in Iceland owned and operated by professional photographer Jon Pall Vilhelmsson. He has over thirty years of landscape photography under his belt. With a BA from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara he posses a wealth of expertise to share. We understand photography and photographers needs.

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