Arctic light
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Arctic light!

We explore some of the most magnificent location in Iceland at the right time. It’s a key element. Light is (almost) everything in landscape photography. Iceland is located so far north that sunrise and sunset changes dramatically from one season to the next. Timing the location to the direction of the sun is very important. That means you and I will be there when the magic happens.

We shoot from early morning to late morning. Then we chill, eat, take a nap in the sun. Go a little further, be ready for the next magic. Shoot into the night. Sleep a little. Go up again. It’s refreshing in the mountain air or in the breeze from the sea. Nourishment for the soul. A masterpiece for your portfolio. New work to sell or to admire in your home. Taking your photography to the next level or even jump two levels.

You are likely to make the best photographs of your life with me in Iceland this year. We’ll have great time doing what we love and I’ll assist you as much as I can, by helping you improve your technique but more importantly improve your vision as an artist as well.

This will be challenging for you and me. I strive for excellence and push myself to constantly achieve better results. For a few days in Iceland you are committed to photography and nothing else. The goal is to get away from daily routines and this triggers an impulse in our mind. We shut off logic and creative thinking takes over. Time seizes to matter, worries disappear and then we become more able to look at things in a new and inspiring way. This is how artist create their wonderful work. This is what I do to achieve top results.


Good times!

The workshops are all about having a great time while becoming better at what we love to do. We laugh, tell stories, eat good food, perhaps have a beer or a glass of wine and have a wonderful time. Share memories, experiences, techniques and perhaps lenses. You’ll explore some of our national treasures and I’ll show you some of our best kept secrets as well! Well off the beaten path. There is no chance you’d find those hidden treasures on your own.

The actual lessons will only be an hour or two in between photo sessions in nature. You won´t be taking notes and there are no tests to pass. You can only enjoy our workshop, the company of your companions and have a great time in Iceland.


A journey to Iceland is a visit to remember.

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