Jon Pall Vilhelmsson

Jon Pall Vilhelmsson

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Jón Páll photographer


Jón Páll Vilhelmsson - photographer

Jón Páll Vilhelmsson is an Icelandic photographer of international merit. His clientele include Giorgio Armani, Armani Casa, La Redoute catalog, Associated Press, Getty images and Fossil watches. With a BA from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and 17 years of professional experience he possesses a wealth of expertise to share.

My roots in photography lie in mountaineering adventures in my youth in Iceland. It’s such an intricate part of me that I don’t think about it. It’s just what I do. However I bring with me a wealth of experience from commercial photography of advertising in Iceland, fashion in Europe and technical know how from the revered Brooks Institute of Photography. Many consider Brooks one of the very best institution in the USA to study photography. It has certainly served me well. It should be of some service to you to tap into part of that technical expertise and more importantly to master the creative process to create fine art photographs fit for print.

When I look back in time it is strange to think of all places I have been and worked in: Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Athens, Prague, Venice, Stockholm, Copenhagen and quite a few more. Yosemite, Kings canyon, Grand canyon, Santorini, Greece, Stonehenge, Normandy etc. So far it is a lot more than I ever imagined possible. Yet I know that in the next years the list will grow exponentially and my work will take me to all the continents and many more intriguing and fascinating locations to exercise my art.

In 2007 I was working in Milan shooting look-books for Giorgio Armani. It’s a strange mixture one year shooting fashion for Armani in the fashion capital of the world and next year as far away from civilization as Iceland. A magnificent, magical and mystical place I just call “home”.

Jon Pall is working on a new coffee table book covering the brilliant Icelandic landscape, RAW Iceland.



BA, Brooks Institute of Photography 1995 – Illustration/Advertising.

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